Instant Contactless Temperature Check & High Quality Facial Recognition



iCheck V1.0

iCheck is an Ai enhanced device providing Contactless Temperature and Face Recognition access control, that can be used in conjunction with all entry systems or as a stand-alone Monitoring Unit.


iCheck delivers quick Verbal Temperature Confirmation, High-Quality Facial Recognition, and easily integrated software that can be utilised in a variety of healthcare environments.

Side & Front View
Front & Back View
iCheck Stand 1                    
iCheck Stand 2                   
iCheck Stand 3                  
Results Ready in Seconds

Learn All About the Advantages iCheck Has to Offer

Health & Safety 

Within 3 seconds, iCheck identifies Body Temperature with accurate Facial Recognition, scanning and logging as each individual approaches iCheck.

Workplace Wellbeing

iCHECK delivers peace of mind to employees and visitors, as well as logging accurate information for your organization (Government guidelines require recording of all visitors, where reasonably practical (HM Government, 2020)).

iCHECK is the future of contactless control measuring within the workplace. 

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to protect all workers and visitors health and safety by executing everything reasonably practicable, to minimise the risk of COVID-19 (HM Government, 2020).

iCHECK safeguards the clinically vulnerable by lowering the risk of COVID-19 carriers into your workplace. 

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Endless Opportunities

iCHECK is ideal for many sectors such as:​

  • Healthcare

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Fitness

  • Retail

  • Education

  • Manufacturing

"The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is causing everyone to revisit the global norms that have been the backdrop for business for the last century. Coupled with emerging technologies, socio-demographic shifts, and political and economic uncertainty, COVID-19 will change entire economic and geopolitical systems. In addition, the nature of trade is undergoing a profound shift in an increasingly digital, interconnected cyber world. Resilience and connectivity will be the new watchwords as organisations seek to adjust to this unpredictable future"
(, 2020)

"Researchers, businesses, and innovators around the world are putting technology to work to alleviate the effects of the global health crisis"

(BBVA, 2019).


Providing a Number One Service

Contactless  Temperature Checks

High Quality Temperature Recording within 3 seconds

Data Export

Data can be transfered to spreadsheets within seconds