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iCheck Hospitals

iCheck illustrates that your hospital is taking the initiative to provide positive and innovative change towards a nationwide health pandemic

iCheck is the First line of defence in the detection of abnormal temperatures of staff and visitors upon arrival to your hospital.

iCheck offers accurate body temperature readings through our contactless infrared thermometer at the point of hospital entry and can detect precise readings in less than three seconds.

iCheck guarantees that no member of staff / visitor upon arrival to your hospital with an abnormal temperature is permitted entrance. Subsequently reducing the prevalence of COVID-19 carriers into your hospital setting. 

iCheck can be utilised within your Hospitals point of entrance security system i.e. NICU, Maternity Units, Outpatients, Screening / Transfusion Units etc., offering assurance when you need it most. Presenting comfort to your patients and all internal and external staff. 

iCheck can be utilised towards your Hospitals Infection Control Benchmarks. Demonstrating, supporting, and comparing your hospitals measures in practicing gold standard health and safety within a current global pandemic.

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